POST Philately pays tribute to the Fédération des Sociétés philatéliques du Luxembourg (Federation of Luxembourg’s philately societies) with the issue of a miniature sheet of stamps made of natural silk. The top layer of the paper contains 30g of silk per square meter providing a silky effect.

Anne Mélan is lucky to design the stamp sheet which celebrates the 80th anniversary of FSPL. She chooses digital photocollage as a perfect medium to appeal to young collectors too. The image on the miniature sheet finds inspiration in surrealism and associates ideas such as high technology to charm a young audience and keep in times, elements related to the procedure of stamp collecting and luxembourgish identity.

The stamp was rewarded third place at the prestigous WIPA Grand Prix contest 2014.

On the table area of the €0.60 stamp, two miniature-size young collectors are stepping into a stamp album. A magnifying glass enlarges a hand with stamp tongs. A horse-drawn coach is becoming vivid as coming out of the stamps in the album. Pictured in the selvage area to the right of this stamp is another miniature collector dumping stamps out of a wheelbarrow, again expressing the idea of collecting, examinating and sorting out stamps before tidying them up in the album. A hand holding a device is connected to a microscope to display the modern times of high technology.
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