Anne Mélan

Artist and painter from Luxembourg

Anne Mélan


2004 – 2007   Bachelor of Applied Arts at University of Toulouse

2007 – 2009   Master of the Arts at University of Strasbourg

2015 – today   Studio at 1535° Creative Hub

Anne Mélan is a naturally born artist from Luxembourg. Her artworks are made of traditional mediums such as pencil, aquarelle, pastels, charcoal, gouache and oil. Currently she is working on a series of paintings that she entitles Eyes, Dops and Bodies. She works a lot in surrealism where she can express her ideas about mankind, matter and the universe.

Anne Mélan has also been working as an independent illustrator since 2010 when she has been charged with many different projects for clients such as Rockhal, Ville de Luxembourg, Post Philately and Bernard Massard. During the same time she held drawing and painting lessons in schools and museums. She finds herself comfortable in doing portraits and all kind of realistic or surrealistic illustration and painting. She does also map design and besides her flair for traditional representation she has a touch for minimal geometric images.


Photo: Yves Kortum